About us

Focus Investigations operates since 1990, one of the leaders in Israel in the fields of security consulting and conducting investigations for companies, institutions, law firms and private clients.

Focus provides solutions and services in the fields of investigations, security consulting and genealogy through a professional team of investigators, security consultants, experts and skilled researchers. All our investigators have professional training and experience gained over many years of activity in state bodies and in the private sector.

Focus Investigations led complex security projects and carried out investigation and missions, most of which received wide praises. Only some of the various activities of Focus Investigations are already allowed to be told.

About Gil Shmueli

Founder and CEO of Focus Security Consulting and Investigations.

Gil Shmueli, has been a licensed private investigator since 1989, when he finished his service in the IDF and his work in the service of the State of Israel.

He did his military service in an elite unit of the Navy and is one of its graduates. He is also a graduate of the IDF Officers’ School.

After his military service, Gil Shmueli worked as an operations officer in a state unit.

Major technological developments, globalization processes and the dramatic increase in information risks have created a need for corporations, companies and organizations for a new type of prevention and investigation solutions. Gil Shmueli brought to the scene the professional and operational experience he had acquired over the years of service and founded the Focus Security and Investigations Consulting Company.

He formed a professional team of private investigators and professionals from various fields and turned them into an elite unit, one of the leaders in Israel in the field of security and investigations.


In addition to his activities as CEO of Focus Investigations, Gil Shmueli continues to contribute his knowledge and experience. He initiated, planned and established a system for diagnosing drug users. Gil Shmueli also instructs state security bodies on improvisation in investigations with limited means.


Gil Shmueli volunteers at the “Etgarim” association, which was established by the disabled in the IDF with the aim of providing children and youth with disabilities, tools for coping and self-realization, and is engaged in the rehabilitation of young people and youth in a unique method while creating a “virtual reality”.

Gil Shmueli was born in Ra’anana where he lives with his family to this day. Married and father of three children.

Our Team

The professional team of Focus Investigations is an elite unit of those with selected abilities prepared to respond to every security and investigative challenge, combining forces, minds, methods and means. The team:

Private investigators (licensed by the Ministry of Justice)
security advisors
Personal security experts
Information security and cyber experts
Field personnel and surveillance
Intelligence and collection personnel
Forensic experts
Finance and accounting experts, investigative CPA
legal advisors
Experts in handwriting recognition and graphology

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