Personal and matrimonial investigations

Investigations to prevent financial and emotional damages, legal battles, divorces, betrayals, assets and property

Personal Investigations

Personal and matrimonial investigations are designed to prevent two types of damage – financial and emotional. Many associate this type of investigation with divorce events, in which there is a legal battle over assets and property, betrayals and, of course, parental responsibility.

Common use is by spouses who wish to make an informed and safe decision about the continuation of their life together, parents who worry about the financial and personal security of the children before the wedding, children who are bothered by the risks of parents who are in a “second round” situation, and more. Each investigation of personal status is a unique and very Personal, the only common denominator is the complexity that characterizes these investigations and the high sensitivity required.

There are several types of personal status investigations:

Discretion, pursuit of truth and thinking outside the box

Personal status investigations require a personal and human touch on the one hand, and on the other hand require great sophistication, often using innovative technologies. In any type of investigation, secrecy is a cornerstone, but in the private and personal space where the investigation is carried out, a particularly high level of discretion and extreme caution is also required in every decision and move.

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