Corporate Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Focus specializes in the collection and analysis of intelligence using advanced methodologies that include high-level collection and research capabilities, technical acuity and close and professional legal support. The collection of intelligence and its analysis allows our clients to better understand the business environment, improve forecasts regarding business risks and opportunities and leverage their ability to compete.

We identify potential unique business opportunities, locate key players, and create detailed target profiles that assist our clients in making informed business moves.

Background Investigations

Every manager and business owner should and must trust his senses, but good senses are not enough, especially when there is an intention to hide, or worse than that – malicious intent. Therefore, there are decisions that should not be made based only on feelings without information. To sign with a business partner, close with a strategic supplier and hire a senior for a sensitive position – all these and others are decisions that must be taken carefully, with consideration, based on accurate, reliable and up-to-date information.

In order to reach the right decisions, detection, due diligence, sorting, filtering and inspection processes were created – but in many cases an additional step is required – background investigations – which in the best case verifies the available information and allows progress with peace of mind, and in the worst-case exposes lies and forgeries and makes it possible to stop in time before damage is done. Reliability is the foundation of all progress. The importance of background investigations increases as the damage potential of a mistake is greater. The risks can be financial or reputational, or both.

Background Investigations – What’s Checked?

Background investigations include an examination of CVs and personal data provided regarding education, status, professional experience, business and financial reputation, commercial stability, legal status, connections with criminal entities and a series of other parameters as required in each background investigation, depending on the type of investigation and its characteristics. The Scope of the investigation is determined according to the circumstances and needs, starting from basic checks to complex background investigations.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Under the definition of intellectual property are intangible assets such as literary works, art, design as well as trademarks, software code, patents and various inventions. Personal and business reputation are also considered intellectual property. There are two common denominators for all these assets; One that they are the fruit of an intellectual creative effort, and the other that they can be easily stolen.

In an age of infinite digital space where it is very easy to copy, reproduce and distribute the ideas of others, there is a great fear of the loss of value of intellectual property, resulting in a significant damage to the income of the creators who own the property. In order for any work to be considered the property of a person or commercial entity, it must be protected by copyright. Not every intangible item can benefit from this protection, therefore when an investigation is required on the subject it must be verified that the protection exists and the investment is worthwhile.


The statistics prove that the threats and dangers from within the business may be greater than external threats. In many cases, embezzlement is committed by a person or several people who have gained special trust and enjoyed freedom of action based on the trust given. The damage to tangible assets (money, equipment, etc.) and intangible assets (knowledge, reputation, etc.) may be great and even threaten the continuation of his activity and the existence of the business.

Embezzlement investigations are actually a type of fraud investigation with unique characteristics. Exposing embezzlement requires a good familiarity with the activities of the business, an understanding of the organizational and financial processes, and of course experience in a variety of embezzlement and fraud methods. Unfortunately, embezzlement is a common phenomenon. Any business may fall victim to embezzlement and this is a risk that must be taken into account as part of business management.

Focus team at your service

Prevention of embezzlement – reducing the risks of embezzlement through background investigations for candidates of sensitive positions in the organization and monitoring procedures to identify unusual occurrences. Preventing embezzlement – periodic checks of sensitive processes allow early detection of embezzlement and quick treatment – instigation or confirmation – of suspicions of embezzlement.

Exposing embezzlement – when anomalies are discovered in the organization, it is of the utmost importance to quickly identify the causes, locating loopholes and handling damages may make the difference for the affected business. Focus operates investigative teams with licensed investigators who are experienced economic and financial experts equipped with up-to-date knowledge and advanced tools. Focus researchers also have a leading polygraph institute at their disposal.

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Any business that conducts transactions with suppliers and customers, directly or through intermediaries, is exposed to fraudulent acts. There are various types of frauds, starting from receiving goods without payment by an impersonating customer, through collecting payments for damaged goods by a supplier to financial frauds and various real estate frauds.

Frauds pose a significant risk to the business, loss of funds or loss of reputation, and may threaten the continued operation and existence of the business. That is why it is of great importance to prevent fraud in any case of suspicion and a quick investigation to discover the truth in case of exposure of fraud. Focus team at your service – prevention, thwarting, detection

The Focus Security Consulting and Investigations team performs covert and overt fraud investigations to detect fraud risks, suspected fraud checks and investigations of frauds that have already been committed. Fraud investigations require great skill and a combination of several professional forces in accordance with the needs of the investigation. The composition of the team is determined for each investigation by its characteristics and includes authorized investigators, financial experts, professionals with knowledge and experience in the field of activity of the fraud victim and legal forces.

Focus investigations clients include organizations, institutions, corporations, companies and businesses from all branches of the economy. Many use Focus services regularly in order to reduce the risks of fraud. Focus also provides fraud investigation services to law firms required to discover the truth as part of legal battles on various economic issues for their clients.

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