Clarity Amidst Complexity

In a world overflowing with data, ‘Focus’ represents our commitment to understanding beyond the chaos. While others get lost, we find patterns and relevance, making ‘Focus’ a guiding light for clarity in complexity.

 Creative intelligence and due diligence for competitive and highly complex business situations


 Heritage Focus, a subsidiary of Focus Investigations, is engaged in locating Jewish property and it’s restitution to legal heirs.


Exposing fraud and impersonation crimes in the public and cyber space, using advanced and sophisticated investigative methods.

Investigations in the interpersonal space, In the areas of marriage, divorce, background checks and locating missing persons. This while being creative and specializing in conflict management.

Professional security consulting and support services to corporations, companies and institutions, including government institutions.

International Investigations

Carrying out complex operations around the world using surveillance and tactical teams that include veterans of special units and security service.

Our International Partners

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