Frauds Investigations

Fraud investigations

Focus specializes in exposing fraud and locating those responsible for it.

We operate on two parallel levels, the cyber space and the interpersonal space. When the cyber department specializes in locating harassers on the network, laying honey traps, implementing them and immediately stopping the harassment. The cyberspace is updated on a daily basis, as well as the tests we conduct and the systems we operate are updated according to the changing attack methodologies and loopholes that are exposed and used by attackers. Over the years, we have carried out hundreds of complex investigations and led our clients to those responsible for the fraud.
On the interpersonal level, we operate first-class intelligence gathering agents, including veterans of the security forces. The agents operate under cover and with sophisticated methods in order to obtain information that cannot be collected by other means.

Online fraud investigations

The term Forex describes financial-economic activity in foreign currencies, the largest, most liquid and decentralized financial market in the world. Forex trading makes it possible to carry out financial investment transactions based on the differences in the exchange rates of various currencies around the world, an area in which both countries and private investors engage – each in the relevant model and platform.

Over the years, Talented crooks descavered this field and have created monstrous networks of fraud resulting many cases of clients/investors who were harmed by the looting of their investments and false representations that they lost their money as part of a legitimate investment. The whole purpose of the operators of the various trade websites in most cases is fraud and no investment of the customer’s money is made at all. Our office specializes in investigating and gathering evidence in cases where fraud has been committed and offers extensive and rich experience in accompanying clients in the context of forex activity, in Israel and abroad.

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