Genealogical Investigations

Genealogical Investigations

Genealogical investigations (family tree) are usually carried out for law firms that handle inheritances or represent various interested parties in conciliation, mediation, opposition and lawsuit processes regarding assets and estates. The types of investigations are diverse: locating heirs, checking the validity and legal status of a will, suspicions of fraud and the identity of heirs, operations with inheritance funds, reliability of documents, reliability of witnesses and more.

The range of challenges facing the investigation teams includes forgeries, fraud, identity theft, blurring, loss and disappearance of evidence.

Another type of investigation, which is also performed for private clients, is locating various types of assets and proving ownership or possession.

In asset and estate investigations, Focus brings to light the variety of professional abilities in the field of genealogical investigations. Over the years the company has accumulated a record of success in finding heirs of assets and rights in Israel and abroad with very limited information provided from the client, and therefore established a name in the industry (Including, for example, an appointment by the court of law to locate the heirs of the shareholders of Hedera Founders Ltd.).

Focus provides a complete solution for all investigative needs – tracking, research, questioning – and enables its clients and all parties involved to quickly get to the truth. Our team is highly skilled in this kind of investigation and are familiar with every archive, collection and website possessing historical information that is used to solve this complicated and hard cases.

Heritage Focus Ltd

Property restitution 

For more than 30 years we have been successfully locating heirs worldwide. Our core aim is to assist heirs to their lawful inheritance.
In case the state was not able to find heirs, we take over. The genesis of Heritage Focus was a realization of the profound need among rightful heirs to seamlessly and effectively reclaim their entitlements. Our mission is rooted in simplifying this process and placing these rights firmly in the hands of those who deserve them.
As one entity, we offer a full service including the acquisition of all documents necessary to apply for a final certificate of inheritance. Also, we take care of the entire process, beginning with the deceased and ending with the disbursement of the estate.

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